Tags give the ability to mark specific points in history as being important
  • v0.5.0
    a3b2480c · v0.5.0, readme nit ·
    Release: v0.5.0: major reorganization
    v0.5.0: major reorganization
    ABI breaking changes:
    - Byte/Short/Int/Long and Float/Double tags are now typedefs of
      template-instantiated `SingleValuedTag`.
      + Respective headers are marked deprecated.
    - Bytes/Ints/Longs tags are now typedefs of template-instantiated
      + Respective headers are marked deprecated.
    API changes:
    - Proper usage of C++ exception system:
      + NBTP exception types are now exported in pyNBTP as well.
    - `Logging.h` is completely removed.
    - `IntTag::parseInt`, `ShortTag::parseShort`, `LongTag::parseLong` are
      removed - call `parseBinaryNumeric()` instead if you need these.
    - ListTag: fix an incorrect size / content comparison that may lead to
      operator== returning false when the lists are in fact identical.
    - pyNBTP: ListTag now supports special functions `__getitem__` and
    - Warning messages from `NBTP::parseRoot` are now optional.
    - i8/i16/i32/i64/f/d tags now supports strong/partial order via `<=>`
      from `SingleValuedTag`.
    - Test cases are completely redone with gtest.
    - Add more commentary
  • v0.4.0
    c082d010 · meta: break so ver ·
    Release: v0.4.0: nit but ABI break
    v0.4.0: nit but ABI break
    - `contentType` in `TypedListTag` is now protected and allows access
      from byte array / int array / long array tags.
    - Fixed a problem where array tags constructed from the parser is
      incorrectly assigned content type END.
  • v0.3.3
    d4f2dc51 · bump to 0.3.3 ·
    Release: v0.3.3
    v0.3.3: minor cleanup
    - Fixed linkage with fmt and use header-only version when building
    - Added some commentary on python function entry points
    - Removed debug messages in python iostream routines
  • v0.3.2 Release: v0.3.2 - cursed cross-platform C++
    v0.3.2: cursed cross-platform support
    - Fixed a mistake where some librarys are incorrectly linked
    - Fixed some issues to appease Apple Clang on Mac OS
    - Workaround missing function on MinGW to build on Windows ft. liushuyu
  • v0.3.1
    - Fixed an issue where python modules are installed in
  • v0.3.0 Release: v0.3.0
    * fmtlib introduced to format human readable error messages.
    Breaking API changes:
    * ListTypeUnmatchException is renamed to ListTypeMismatchException.
    Breaking ABI changes - sover bumped to 0.3.0:
    * Many functions are now declared constexpr and accept const-qualified
  • v0.2.1 Release: v0.2.1
    * One may specify python module directory in CMake if needed.
    * Code coverage is now disabled by default to prevent static-link
    * NBTP command line utility now supports reading from standard input.
      This allows one to do `cat map_0.dat | gunzip | nbtp-cli -`.
    * C++ standard is raised to C++20.
  • v0.2.0
    ccdc0421 · meta: bump sover to 0.2 ·
    Release: v0.2.0
    v0.2.0: Screw boost
    Bug fixes:
    * Long tags are now correctly displayed on Windows.
    * CMake scripts are overhauled for building with MSYS2 on Windows. Screw
      MSVC and msbuild.
    Breaking API changes:
    * Inserting a tag into a list of a different content type now throws
      ListTypeUnmatchException instead of a generic std::runtime_error.
    * Shared library version is bumped to 0.2.
  • v0.1.2
    928d8924 · README: bump ·
    Release: v0.1.2
    Internal design changes:
    * Copy and move assignments / constructors
    * Various noexcept and const enforcements
    Python API:
    * __copy__ implementation for all tags
    * Removal from CompoundTag by tag name
    * Constructor of ListTag with specified TagType
    * pybind11 submodule bumped to 2.6.1
  • v0.1.1
    * De-constify CompoundTag::getPayload()
      This might cause issues with multi-threading, but alas, we are not
      using that for now.
    * Remove compile time NBTP_NAMESPACE macros in the code
  • v0.1
    28a5e439 · cleanup ·
    version 0.1
    Basic functionality from C++ side and python side